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Cid is a Trandoshan female residing on Ord Mantell from the Viau Universe where she ran a cantina called Cid's Parlor. Before Order 66, she served as an informant for the Jedi, and it was in that capacity that the ARC trooper Echo learned her name and where to find her. After the Clone Wars and during the early years of the First Multiverse War, she became an information broker for factions who were against the Combine Empiree such as the Alliance of Nations. She started obtaining info and files from beyond the Skyriver Galaxy and alternate versions of her reality to make business. After a successful business, she used the percentage from members of the Bounty Hunter Guilds she hired for profit.


During the Clone War[]

Cid, a Trandoshan female, worked as an information broker in the last years of the Republic Era. She operated out of Cid's Parlor, a cantina and gambling den in Ord Mantell City which she owned. Cid developed a working relationship with the Jedi during this time, occasionally passing them information. During the Clone Wars, the ARC trooper Echo learned of Cid and where to find her from his Jedi commanding officers, although he was unaware of her species or gender.

The First Multiverse War[]

At some pint when the gates to other universes were made public, Cid made some contacts with several brokers for information to expand her business over the years, some being members of the Alliance, but somewhat not trusting to a few such as the Coalition of Independent States but few she worked with for mutual agreements. She took in Clone Force 99 for their services and willing to keep their secret safe.

In 1517 N.E., Cid came across the crew of Serenity and hired them for a job of recovering Dilithium crystals from a group of pirates to sell to the United Federation of Planets, he had to remind Jayne Cobb not to start a gun fight in her cantina or make him the target practice for her clients, but drew a crowd when their youngest member River Tam won a game of Sabacc on the first game.

At some point she met a Ferengi business trader named Quark on Deep Space 9 for a business auction to a Forerunner Artefact she found until it was handed to Starfleet but got some bit of profit, decided to keep tabs on Quark’s bar for any opportunities.


Close Friends[]

  • Echo
  • Hunter
  • Tech
  • Wrecker
  • Quark
  • Hondo Ohnaka

Close Rivals[]


  • To Quark upon selling the Forerunner Artefact: “Not so fast, large ears. I know enough that you Ferengi love one thing, and that’s profit, your no different than the Hutts and I’m gonna make a lot of creds to sell this. You want it? Your gotta bid but I’ll give a percentage if you let me make an auction.”
  • Malcom Reynolds: “Listen, Reynolds, I like ya and the crew cuz they bring good business and saved my scaly hide, but a reminder to Jeans the next time he causes trouble in my cantina, he’ll be the next target practice for my clients.”


  • Cid is the recurring character from Star Wars: Bad Batch