Cil'zili, more commonly refereed to as 'The Ancient Tongue' is one of two Valian languages that was first spoken some 136 Centrillion years ago was the official language of the First, Second and Third Human Republics, the First and Second Human Empires and the United Federation of Species and is now a widely spoken language with in the Multiversial Federation. It's known for it's emergence age and highly complexed grammar and language structure.

Classification Edit

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Basic Kizzliziuk Edit

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Noun Inflection Edit

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Word Order Edit

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Multiple Intinitives Edit

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Orthography Edit

Main articles: Cil'zili Basic AlphabetCil'zili Standard Alphabet and Cil'zili Advance Alphabet

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Species where Cil'zili is most spoken Edit

  • Ancient Humans

Civilizations where Cil'zili is either the official or important Edit

  • The First Human Republic
  • The First Human Empire
  • The Second Human Republic
  • The Second Human Empire
  • The Third Human Republic
  • The United Federation of Species
  • The Multiversial Federation

Individuals who speaks/learned the Cil'zili Edit

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