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Cilghal was a female Mon Calamari Jedi Master who served the New Jedi Order and also a former senator of the New Republic Senate. She was one of the first students at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum and a skilled healer. Tekli, a young female Chadra-Fan, was Cilghal's Jedi apprentice. Cilghal was later a member of the Jedi High Council and the most skilled member of the Order in the healing arts.

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A niece of Admiral Gial Ackbar[7][8], Cilghal was an ambassador to the New Republic. She helped Leia Organa Solo locate Ackbar when the admiral retreated to his homeworld after the disaster on Vortex in 11 ABY. She also showed Leia the Startide while it was under construction. Under the ocean, she showed Leia the Knowledge Bank. After the two women located Ackbar in his personal seapod, Axis Admiral Daala attacked Dac.

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  • Great Multiverse: Alliance
  • Great Multiverse: Round Hammer
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