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"My father was a cruel being, he tortured me, starved me, had his guards rape me! And for what?! Just to see what would happen to me! To his own son! that man... that MONSTER! has no rights to be called my father!"

-Cilomar towards Scott and co

Prince Cilomar Kutarukia, other titles include the Broken Prince, the First Prince, and the Crown Prince Cilomar Kutarukia is the son of Emperor Yiloala and Empress Dillika Kutaruka and the first in the line of succession to the Empire of the Combine Race's throne. A man scarred by the numerous and horrific torture performed by his father, he's now almost completely unstable mentally and in general, is malnourished in appearance. He managed to survive the First War, but he hasn't joined either the Alliance or Coalition, but that doesn't mean he isn't a treat, but no one knows where he is now. 




Many describe the man as highly unstable and prone to unstable and often times violent outbursts, psychosis, and general instability, with numerous, often compulsive impulses that include eating and unsafe sexual relationship. Along with anxiety, self-destructive behavior, lack of restraint, mood swings and an overall unstable relationship with relatives have led many to classify him as suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.

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