"Welcome Scott, welcome to this wasteland. The graveyard of civilizations long past, of ages and eons that had long since turned to dust. A planet filled with the bygone ruins of all of sentient's life achievements. Welcome to Cimeotafudi, the graveyard of civilization, and soon, its' sands will be bathed in the blood of centrillions of beings across this Multiverse, as they will scream as the Hunter comes forth and spark a cycle of annihilation."

- Yiloala Kutarukia to Alexi Scott and co during their last war

Cimeotafudi, a barren wasteland that's said to be the graveyard of civilization long past, a world devoid of life with ruins of countless civilizations from across the ages of the Multiverse shattered across its' dead surface. As to how this planet became this way, much less what it once looked like, has been forgotten. All that remains is its name, either its' original name or not matters little, its unnerving and unsettlingly nature is all that matters to the inhabitants of the Multiverse. Some say that this world is the homeworld of whatever created the entities, born out of some unspeakable amount of conflicting emotions and concepts from an end of an era, one long forgotten by all.

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  • It's name's origin has been long forgotten by all, but its' name means 'Graveyards of All'.
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