The Citadel is an Zelius creation used as a "Reminiscence Necropolis" where the minds of the greatest minds of the Zelius Species has to offer and maintained by the Catalyst, a A.I created for task of maintenance of these massive Space-borne Tombs. When the Leviathans discovered the Citadels in the Riz'ro, Kiz'ro, Piz'ro and Tiz'ro Universe, they rewrote the A.Is to serve their goals, and after creating the Reapers to maintain it's Galactic Empires, the A.Is within the Reapers became self aware and grew to hate their creators, the Leviathans, and then rewrote the Catalyst once more to serve the Reapers goals. Now the Citadels are either lost, strip of technology or reconverted numerous times over the Eons.

History Edit

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