Civil Protection is essentially the Combine's police force in all urban areas on Golmar Earth (including City 17) and all other Combine occupied territories. Its officers are named "Metro Cops", while the spelling "Metrocops" is also used. The term "CPs" is mostly used by the Citizens and Resistance members to refer to Metro Cops. The entity uses the term "Metropolice" (the original term), and the subtitles use "MetroPolice". The Overwatch Voice simply uses the term "Protection Team", or "Protection Teams". Part of the Combine Overwatch, CPs are ordinary human volunteers who have "willingly" joined the Combine, either for more privileges, such as additional food, better living conditions, an increase in authority and status over others, or out of genuine sympathy and identification with the Combine's aims, (though after the Golmar Earth Uprising future CPs were no longer made up volunteers and were replaced entirely by First Generation TransRace). As such, they were not bio-mechanically modified in any way, unlike the two other Overwatch units, at least until after the Golmar Earth Uprising. Barney Calhoun is notable for having infiltrated the Combine by joining the Civil Protection ranks as an undercover Resistance member Pre-Golmar and Post-Golmar some of the now purely Transrace CPs who later on joined the Alliance, stayed in the force to serve as spies.

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  • Barney Calhoun
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