The Ciz'loikki Conflict, also refereed to as the Ciz'loikki War, the Tizzikkin War and the Frontier Conflict, was a conflict that occurred from 1512 N.E to 1795 N.E between the Second Human Empire, the Alliance of Nations, the Axis of Empires, the Coalition of Independent States, the Dark Collective, the Kreisau Circle, Cerberus, the Dalek Empire, the Cyberman Collective and the Eldar Craftworlds. The war ended in a victory for the Second Human Empire and the Annexation of Ciz'loikki into the Second Empire, the other factions were then forced to leave (with exceptions to the Dark Collective, who were then destroyed by the Second Empire, first desturction) with over 82,515,078,200,000 Trillion killed by the end of the conflict total killed for all factions 

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