First Multiverse War

Clone War

1411 N.E.


2359 N.E.


Old Galactic Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems


the Grand Army of the Republic in a battle in the early days of the Clone War

The Clone War, also known as the Clone Wars and the Great Clone War, but often refered to as the Republic-Confederacy War by other civilizations, was a war between the Old Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems that started on April 17th, 1411 N.E. to March 9th, 2359 N.E., the war lasted for over nearly 948 years, and because of this conflict, it reduced the Galaxy to ruins with the Old Republic now having to rebuild a war-torn galaxy.


A Plan Nine Hundred Years in the Making (433-1401 NE) Edit

Battle of Naboo and Final Stages (1401-1411 NE) Edit

- In 1401 N.E., The Invasion of Naboo began when the Trade Federation first initiated a blockade of the Naboo System, this was quickly followed by deployment of an occupation force. Queen Padme Amidala evacuated the plant and broke the blockade in order to beseech the Galactic Republic for aid. Failure to secure assistance, the Queen returned to Naboo and enlisted the aid the native gungans to help battle the droid armies. The Battle of Naboo saw the defeat of the Trade Federation and the liberation of Naboo, though Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn is killed in the battle.

- Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas hires the Kaminoans to build a clone army for the Galactic Republic.

Combine Interference (1402-1409 NE) Edit

First Battles and Confederate Advances (1411-1412 NE) Edit

Confederate Advances Stalls and Republic Counter-attacks (1412-1413 NE) Edit

Outer Rim Campaigns and Plans Comes Into Play (1413-1414 NE) Edit

Sith Discovery and Renewal Conflict (1414-1415 NE) Edit

Alliance of Nations Creation and War Intensify (1415-1628 NE) Edit

A Galaxy Torn Apart (1628-1985 NE) Edit

Slow Republic Advance (1985-2152 NE) Edit

Republic Advances Stalls (2152-2354 NE) Edit

Confederate Lines Breaks and Infight Erupts (2354-2358 NE) Edit

Day the Multiverse Burned (2358 NE) Edit

Confederacy Falls and a Galaxy Reunites (2359 NE) Edit

Clone Wars End, Conflict Continues (2359-2373 NE) Edit

Other factions/supporters Edit

Old Galactic Republic Edit

Confederacy of Independent Systems Edit

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