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==List of Cloned Individuals==
==List of Cloned Individuals==
===Fett Clones===
===Fett Clones===
* [[Boba Fett]]
* Boba Fett
===Williams Clones===
===Williams Clones===
* Laura Williams
* Laura Williams
* Commander Allyn (FC-6712)
=== Riker Clones ===
=== Riker Clones ===
* [[Thomas Riker]]
* Thomas Riker
=== Galen Marek Clones ===
=== Marek Clones ===
* Starkiller
* Starkiller
* Dark Apprentice
=== Aeryn Sun Clones ===
* [[Vala Mal Doran]]
=== Rahm Kento Marek Clones (apart of the TransRace Empire's [[Project Corrupted Heroes]])===
*[[Confracta Memoria (Rahm Kento Marek Clone)|Confracta Memoria]]
*[[Fractum Sententia (Rahm Kento Marek Clone)|Fractum Sententia]]
=== Kettei Clones (successful) ===
*[[Subject Zeta (Kettei Clone)|Subject Zeta]]
*[[Subject Theta (Kettei Clone)|Subject Theta]]
*[[Subject Lambda (Kettei Clone)|Subject Lambda]]
*[[Subject Sigma (Kettei Clone)|Subject Sigma]]
*[[Subject Sampi (Kettei Clone)|Subject Sampi]] (clone that becames Kairi, the first that doesn't degard mentally)
=== Sora Yujo Clones ===
*[[Subject Beta (Sora Yujo Clone)|Subject Beta]]
*[[Subject Pi (Sora Yujo Clone)|Subject Pi]]
*[[Subject Rho (Sora Yujo Clone)|Subject Rho]]
*[[Subject Upsilon (Sora Yujo Clone)|Subject Upsilon]]
*[[Subject Omega (Sora Yujo Clone)|Subject Omega]] (clone that becames Sora, the first that doesn't degard mentally)
=== Ventus Clones[[Category:Technology]] ===
*[[Project Gamma (Ventus Clones)|Project Gamma]]
*[[Project Zeta (Ventus Clones)|Project Zeta]]
*[[Project Xi (Ventus Clones)|Project Xi]]
*[[Project Tau (Ventus Clones)|Project Tau]]
*[[Project Psi (Ventus Clones)|Project Psi]] (clone that becames Ventus, the first that doesn't degard mentally)
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