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Cloning was the process of creating a genetically identical or—purposefully and specifically—modified copy of an original organism. It used by many factions though the eras and often used for military serves


List of Cloned Individuals

Fett Clones

  • Boba Fett

Williams Clones

  • Laura Williams
  • Commander Allyn (FC-6712)

Riker Clones

  • Thomas Riker

Galen Marek Clones

  • Starkiller
  • Dark Apprentice

Aeryn Sun Clones

Rahm Kento Marek Clones

  • Confracta Memoria
  • Fractum Sententia

Kettei Clones (successful)

  • Subject Zeta
  • Subject Theta
  • Subject Lambda
  • Subject Sigma
  • Subject Sampi (clone that becames Kairi, the first that doesn't degard mentally)

Sora Yujo Clones

Ventus Clones