Brain Busta's Crashers

Orks fighting the traitors in the Shattered Remains of the Immoren

Under economic turmoil and famine, which is due to a war that it has been raging with the Alliance, the Coalition was on the brink of destruction. However, there was far more promise under the Orks, since their leadership would prove useful and that their warboss Gorgutz appearred to be a brilliant general. the Chimera, however, viewed the Coalition should be reformed. Ultimately, two factions of the Civil War emerged, which almost led the Chimera into extinction yet again, making them to rely on the Alliance of Civilizations and other factions leaving the Coalition to joined the Imperialist Alliance and the Pact of Revolutionary Civilizations, the most well known was the New Batarian Empire and the Fourth Reich for the Imperialist and the Chimera left to joined the Alliance, Gorgutz sought to rebuild the Coalition under his vision and used fascist tactics to eliminate political dissidents and the "genetically impure" people who were born with disabilities.

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