"Эти пришельцы будут вымываться из этого тела нашей Вселенной постоянно, как только мы дисциплинировать их!"

Evil Bolok

The Seal of Bolok

The Coalition of Bolok are the russian occupants of the Vestan Nebula. They are hostile towards the Vokerians due to their bombings on former Human colonies. They left the Alliance of Nations after the Bolok Document of Seperation was sent directly to the Allied Headquarters. After that was sent, the colonies became independent, and formed a communist country. The Coalition's communist overlord is Zhan Hyrach.

Governmental Statistics

The Coalition of Bolok is a free market economy, despite it's government being a communist threshold. It makes money off of buyers fees and taxation amongst it's citizens.

Rivalry with the Compact of Vokeria

The Coalition Bolok absolutely despises the Compact of Vokeria, due to the bombings of it's other colonies. They are at war with each other, but no real combat has begun. The Compact of Vokeria views the Coalition of Bolok a foolish impersonation of the former Soviet Union, even though they have a free market economy.

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