The Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) was a supranational global alliance on the planet Sera. Headquartered in the Tyran capital of Ephyra, the COG comprised almost every nation on the planet. The COG originated as a socialist political faction theorized by Alexiy Desipich and founded by Nassar Embry and the Allfathers. Prior to and during the Gold Rush, during which Imulsion was discovered, the COG was a relatively minor political movement, and eventually grew into a larger, yet still minor faction. Following the Gold Rush, the discovery of the Lightmass Process came with a worldwide golden age. After some years, some nations took near total control of the Imulsion business, which left some nations with a weakening economy. The COG joined the Alliance of Nations. It later one of the two founders of the United Federation of Sera after the First Multiverse War.

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