The Coalition of Western Republics is a militarist state basing itself on the American Empire and one of the galaxy's superpowers. Of the three superpowers of the Sui'jubi Milky Way, the Coalition is the least populous but possesses the largest navy and industrial base. It runs the most extensive auszeit program in the Milky Way. The COW joined the Alliance of Nations and later the Imperialist Alliance.

Politics and Ideology Edit

The Coalition's ideology of National Conservatism can be best described by its distinction from the other two dominant ideologies of the galaxy. Unlike Oligarchal Technocracy or Dijonism, NatCon claims to be a reactionary, traditional ideology, a bulwark against the “radicals.” Its legitimacy is derived from its defense of traditional institutions such as the “free” market, militarism, nationalism and Western culture and religion. It can be said that NatCon totalitarianism comes not from the overthrow of the old system but through its constant praise. Despite all of this, the similarities of NatCon with the other totalitarian ideologies that dominate human governance cannot be ignored.

Trivia Edit

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