a lone Axis soldier on Colomar, 1703 NE

Colomar post bomb

Colomar, 4599 NE

Colomar was an United Commonwealths of Worlds planet that was once known as a lush and beautiful before Axis blockade the planet in 1692 NE. During the blockade, the Axis had bombarded the planet from 1695 to 1699 NE that devastated and destroyed large sections of the planet, then, in late 1699, the Axis unleashed a experimental defoliating agent on two of the planet's three continents, which turned these areas into wastelands that's plagued with massive sandstorms. In 1702, the same continents was infected by the Black Rage Virus, within the same year, Black Heaven, one of Project Legion research facilities, crushed onto the continent unaffected by the Outbreak and sandstorms, unleashing the stations test subjects. Two weeks after this, the Axis destroyed the planet by using a planet cracker bomb, a bomb that creates millions of artificial gravitational fields and creates massive 'cracks' in the planet itself, in a attempt to hid the Axis's experiments it had performed.

Their had been numerous groups and gangs in two of the three continents due to the breakup of any form of government, however, the third continent continued to have some form of government and some cities on the two continents as well, albeit under a brutal dracordian martial law state

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  • Filny
  • Marval
  • Kaliben

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