Warzone of speed by zerrnichter-d618owh

Germanican forces fighting against the Combine.

The Combine-Aurelian War was a two year war that engulfed the Aurelian Sector under the dark forces of the Combine Empire , a multi-universal superpower under the will of the Advisors and their Emperor . It soon divided Aurelia between the west (under the Allies ) and the east (a fascist regime under the Axis ). This also led to the near destruction of the Germanican Empire , leaving only 18 billion remaining (6 billion within the military and 12 billion within the civilian population). With Fuhrer-Kaiser Cornelius Augusus von Hamtinburg dead, Nero von Grunnivar took his place as the new emperor and as the last of the People's Imperial Party of Germanicus . The Galactic Rebel Alliance quickly joined the allies before the war even began. Cambria , Froggitaly , Francia , Ivaball , and Arshea also join as the major powers of Aurelia, with the Germanican Empire-in-exile added into the list. The powers of Yamato , Chinwui and Drachman Empire refused to join and were then enslaved by the Combine under the Fascist State. The Combine Emperor then officially declared Aurelia a disputed area by the end of the war, as he had become sick of the fighting, although he had crushed Germanicus during the second invasion, as a response of the Combine's defeat during the first.

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