The Combine-Chimeran Invasion of Columbia, also known as the Assault on Columbia, was an battle that occurred from 2358 to 2359 in which the Combine-Chimera Alliance invaded the United Republic of Columbia, this battle was unusual in that the three factions that had been at war sense 1415/1428 had work together to fight off the Combines and Chimerans off, in the aftermath of the invasion. Large portions of Columbia was reduced to ruins and the United Republic of Columbia had joined the Alliance of Nations to have revenge against the Combines and Chimerans for their attacks

History Edit

People involved Edit

The Combine-Chimera Alliance Edit

  • High General Ziakkia Weeikkillo
  • High Admiral Villikiki Siiokkli
  • General Xizzikil Fiwiki
  • General Aiikuil Eirriki
  • General Nilloik Loiikipol
  • Admiral Rikinnik Uiioliki
  • Admiral Guuiki Iikilaki
  • Admiral Zisiki Ciuulik
  • Commander Est Fidelis (Fihr El-Hashem)
  • Commander Puer Crudelis (Shiiaux T'esjin)
  • Commander Perditus Odyssea (Plert Gun)

The United Republic of Columbia Edit

The Alliance of Nations Edit

  • BJ Blazkowicz
  • Allison Jakes
  • James T. Kirk
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Malcolm Reynolds
  • Sabine Wren
  • Samantha Carter
  • Teal'c of Chulak
  • William T. Riker

The Axis of Empires Edit

  • Lorth Needa
  • Kendal Ozzel
  • Uwlla Illor
  • Natasi Daala
  • Gorkon
  • Albert Kesselring
  • Zhana Agonskaya
  • Nero

The Coalition of Independent States Edit

  • Ru'afo
  • Amita
  • Pagan Min
  • Gallantin
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