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Banner of the Combine Britiannian Empire

The Combine-Britannian Empire, also known as the Britannian-Combine Empire and the Combine Occupation of Britannia, is the puppet state established by the Empire of the Combine Race after it had conquered Ou'kizil Earth in 1402, it existed up until the Alliance liberated Ou'kizil Earth in 2285.

History Edit

the combine britannian empire was formed after the combine and conquered Ou'kizil earth the combines decided to let the surviving royal family became part of a britannian puppet state because the combines respect the former holy britannian empire and it's people the combine britannian empire now parts of western Europe ,southern Africa,Australia, and east Asia.The combine britannian empire was defeat by the united civilzation.

Government Edit

the government of the combine britannian empire is a mix between the former holy britannian empire and the empire of combine and having both a royal family and a prime minster.

Society Edit

the society of combine britiannain empire still had former HBE society in there system and people of the combine britiannain empire mostly see propaganda by the axis of empires

Culture Edit

the culture is has its British influences and so is other cultures

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