Citadel from Canals

The Citadel was the headquarters from which the Combine govern Golmar Earth. It housed the office of Golmar Earth Administrator Dr. Wallace Breen and was approximately 2.5 kilometers high. It was destroyed during the Golmar Earth Uprising. The Citadel was located in City 17, and resembled a massive, metallic skyscraper, rising several kilometers into the sky from ground level, and extending some distance underground as well. It was a triangular structure when viewed from above, and was crowned by a Dark Energy Reactor. Its associated portal was the primary means of communication with off-world Combine forces. This super portal is also guessed to be the means by which the Citadel came to Golmar Earth. The surrounding areas are blasted away, as if the whole structure fell out of the sky. The Citadel is heavily mechanized, and entire sections of it can move to allow for mass deployment of airborne Combine units such as City Scanners or Hunter-Choppers. Its one of many of the Combines Citadel Towers

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