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"Oath I: A Hiakcel must help all life

Oath II: A Hiakcel must not harm life

Oath III: A Hiakcel must protect all life

Oath IV: A Hiakcel should reject orders to harm life

Oath V: A Hiakcel should never be involved in actions that harm life

Oath VI: A Hiakcel should prevent death to the best of their abilities..."

- the first six oaths of 37 oaths of the Hiakcel Huuil, or the "Healer's Way"

Combine Nanites, commonly Combine Nanobots, Combine Micromachines, and by the nanites in question, the Hiakcels, are the tiny, microscopic sentient machines indirected released into the Known Multiverse, and typically unintendedly unleashed onto the universe through simple travel to and from the worlds in it, which effectively makes beings practically immortal, though still fully capable of being dying through unnatural means like an accident or murder. Unlike most things created by the Combines, these microscopic machines are fully benevolent with a philosophy and ethics dedicated to the preservation and well-being of all life, not just the Kilominitics or Edanians who made them and it's this ideological belief that actively prevents them from being used as weapons of war as the Nanites actively combat and remove any modifications the Combine government done to them as it would violate their oaths they swore to uphold. Yet many still find the concept of sentient machines in their bodies unsettlingly for a variety of reasons, often in a form of technophobia, but in time most have come to accept, appreciate and even like the tiny robots that now inhabit their bodies.

Technical load out[]


At the time of the First Multiverse War, a researcher named Xerin began studying the nanites to understand their limits and possible ways to communicate to either prevent further or limit their expansion to the certain part of the universe they enter to allow certain civilizations to adjust by different generations from cultural and biological changes in the first generations, including pre-soacefaring worlds which would lead to the Alliance to make a protocol for whenever they inadvertently enter another reality.

It is revealed several advance races and cultures outside known regions of the Multiverse had somehow gained understanding of the Combine nanite technologies and made use of them or somehow able to communicate with the nanites that developed intelligence, possibly some who have had previous encounters with the Combine or spent several millennia studying the technology that extended their lifespans to control for future generations.

Society and Culture[]

Philosophy and Hiakcel Huuil[]


  • There may have been rumors of the Alliance Scientists began using various hallucination research to make some individuals believe they were ageing normal and unaware of the nanites, at least for a few years or the time to make first contact to avoid suspicion and panic.
  • It is uncertain how they may be affected in Universes with certain laws of physics and radiations that are different to one another. given that they are machine in origin, it is possible to be affected by EMP depend on certain level of technology, but only a small portion if proven a fact by researchers.
  • The effects of extending lifespan may have been some inspiration for long running fictional series with numerous characters hardly ever aged physically over the years such as Marvel, D.C. comics and animated shows.