Combine Pursuer, also referred to simply as The Pursuer, is a massive Transrace synth created by the Empire of the Combine Race for the sole purpose of hunting down and eliminating targets the ECR views as 'problematic'. Genetically and cybernetically enhanced with enough strength to crush a Krogan's head in effortlessly and durability to survive anything up to an High-Impact Tank round, and even then, that may only wind them for a time. Added with the intelligence to stealthily stalk its' targets, despite its massive size, which itself usually around 11 foot tall, and lay out traps, makes this behemoth a nightmare to deal with. However, the usage of this new Synth only started to occur near the end of the war, nearly 30 years before the Day the Multiverse Burned, and the process to create Pursuers was often time-consuming, with each other taking a full six months to produce, which resulted in a limited number of Pursuers to be produced when the ECR fell after the first death of Emperor Yiloala. However, there's still enough of them to be a problem for the Alliance and any other factions unfortunate to deal with them, as the final orders given to the Pursuers were to either link up with Combine Remnant forces or assault any and all non-Combine personnel. But near the start of the Second Multiverse War, most Pursuers were eliminated, leaving the Known Multiverse to breathe a sigh of relief that there is one less Combine-related horror to worry about

Other notes Edit

  • Pursuers are inspired by a combination of the Mr. X series Tyrants and the Nemesis Tyrant but with intelligence to use stealth (as in can stalk you without making a noise whatsoever), weaponry and laying out traps.
  • All Pursuers have a solid mask covering their months... largely due to them not having a jaw now, which is used both for stealth purposes and psychological effects
  • the production of Pursuers started in 2326 NE, and with six months to create them, two were only able to be produced each year, so by the time the ECR fell, 92 Pursuers were produced which then wondered the Multiverse, joining up with Combine Remnant factions or attacking any and all non-ECR related entities, regardless of rather or not they are civilian, military or government or if their factions was involved in the war at all.
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