The Combine Remnants, also known as the Combine Holdouts, is the name of the various remnants of the Empire of the Combine Race (and occasionally the Chimeran Empire) that was one of the many former Axis Remnants that became a major faction of the Remnant Wars and was practically dissolved when the Grand Imperial Union of the Combine Race was formed.

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like all other Axis Remnants, the Combine Remnants are not a unified entity, but rather is a number of various factions all put together by their association with the former Combine government. It's is divided between two factions, the largest being the Loyalist, remnants that still loyal to the ideals of the old E.C.R and the smaller Opportunist, remnants that's lead by individuals who use their military for personnel gain, usually for personnel quest for power

List of Major Remnants Edit

There are hundreds of thousands of Combine Remnants that plagues the Alliance during the entirety of the Remnant War, but out of those hundreds of thousands only a hundred had any kind of significant threat to Allied personnel and goals. Most of these major remnants often tend to be Loyalists while a handful are led by opportunistic warlords who created their own personal clinique out of the ruins of the old ECR but also occasionally territories held by former Axis factions.

N0 Name of Remnant Type of Remnant Lead by Major Base of Operations Basic Overview Date of Dissolvement Reasons for Dissolvement
1 Imperial Research Group 975 on Vimilia Loyalist
2 Joint Chimeran and Combine Legion Loyalist
3 Kinikui Hegemony Opportunist
4 Tizuuik Universal Battalion Loyalist
5 Vuuili Universal Battalion Loyalist
6 Kiuuilini's Empire Opportunist

List of Influential Remnant leaders Edit

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