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Combine Overwatch forces executing Resistance Soldiers

The Combine occupation of Golmar Earth began in the aftermath of the Seven Hour War, some time after the Black Mesa Incident. Former Black Mesa administrator Wallace Breen managed Earth's surrender, thus allowing the Combine to seize power. He was then declared Interim Administrator of Earth, a largely symbolic position. During the Combine's rule, the remnants of the human race were spread all around the world, in Combine cities, built from the remnants of Earth's devastated cities. The extent of the Combine's brutality during the occupation is not yet known, but it is believed that the Combine perpetrated eidocide against humanity, used it's military and police force known as Overwatch, drained Earth of its natural resources, and put an end to all human reproduction through a planet-wide suppression field. Around 26 years after the Black Mesa Incident, the occupation was compromised, when, following the destruction of Nova Prospekt, a massive uprising was born in City 17. This uprising was spearheaded by organized Resistance forces, led by former Black Mesa scientists, such as Eli Vance and Gordon Freeman.The events surrounding Gordon Freeman's arrival in City 17 until the Resistance's successful defense of the White Forest rocket base transpired over the course of one and a half week, in an area of several dozen square miles, from City 17 to Nova Propekt on the coast. It is understood that this uprising was the first of its kind in 20 years, and that news of it reached far and wide by the time the Resistance launched its rocket into orbit and shut down the Combine's infant superportal. This act, for the first time since the Combine's invasion, stranded the entire Combine presence remaining on Earth from its home world. No further communication was possible between the Combine Capital and Earth. News of this was certain to become global among the human inhabitants of Earth, and similar uprisings in cities around the world, thus, putting an end to the Occupation.