The Combine (Kilominitic) Fleet Classification or Classes are the ship types that's used by both the Empire of the Combine Race and the Empire of Combined Races.


Typically appears organic like in design, however, they often have many sharp angles to them and are entirely dark in color, namely because of the metals used to create them.


"Tel Empila Xestono Detfel" (The Emperor's Eternal Rule, in it's own classification, the second is called Dominator)

Width: 487,500 km

Length: 1,125,000 km

Duke/Unity Class Light Dreadnought

Width: 25.6 km

Length: 89.4 km

Prince/Protector Class Dreadnought

Width: 57 km

Length: 114 km

Imperial/Defender Class Battleship

Width: 114 km

Length: 228 km

Emperor/Monarch Class Capital ships

Width: 3250 km

Length: 7500 km

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