The Comstock Twins, State Minister Edmund Thomas Comstock and Elizabeth II Isabela Comstock, are aristocratic members of the Founders regime and the current leaders of the United Republic of Columbia and its homeworld, the desert world of Mars. Both wielding an equal amount of power, the two work together in ensuring the continued survival of Columbia itself while ensuring its continued prosperity under the array of neutrality towards outside powers. Edmund, who is the State Minister of Columbia, is responsible for foreign affairs, security, and the military. Elizabeth II tends to focus primarily on domestic and fiscal issues, due to her brilliance in math, science, and literature. Descendents of Elizabeth I Comstock, they also hold somewhat supernatural powers that may come into good use for the Columbian state. They also ensure the coninuation of good relations between their planetary empire and the foreign powers, including the Alliance of Nations, the Axis of Empires, and the Coalition of Independent States.

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