CFA Soldiers prior to the Insurrection

Contract Forces of Atreia was one of the PFs operating in Atreia in the Pii'euuji universe. Contract Forces of Atreia (or CFA) was started out as Contract Forces of Africa prior to the Venom Snake's Insurrection on his planet, after the insurrection, many of the CFA soldiers seek refugee in Atreia, the planet in the Pii'euuji universe and the CFA soldiers formed out a PF force for the Asmodians and Elyos, thus forming the Contract Forces of Atreia. They had close ties with other Atreian factions and SADF.

Background Edit

CFA was based out of South Africa with headquarters in Pretoria, Liiu'hii Earth (now Elysea, Atreia after the Insurrection).They were most likely closely connected to South African Defence Force headquarters in Pretoria, most of the CFA's operators were former SADF prior to the Insurrection. One of the founders of the group was the Viscount. Some of the CFA men, however, were locally hired. This also led to tensions between the locally-hired soldiers and the British members of the CFA, largely due to the latter group's involvement via nationality in the Second Boer War.

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Contract Forces of Atreia, were mostly supplied with allied arms and equipment.

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However, they were also known to use some Soviet equipment as well.

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Furthermore, they were supplied with Piper Wright's Walker Gears as part of Piper's Arms Export Act.

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