The Cooper Clan is the most successful lineage of master thieves found on Ruinni'op Earth. Numerous grand heists have been performed by various Coopers throughout the Planet's history, occasionally through assembling other thieves around them to form a Cooper Gang.

Notably enough, the Cooper Clan is also one of the most honorable lineages of thieves; Coopers steal only from those undeserving of what they possess, due to underhanded dealings or more sinister arrangements. A pervasive code of honor binds each Cooper, as the general ethos of a Cooper heist is to deprive the real criminals – there is "no honor, no challenge, no fun in stealing from ordinary people." As INTERPOL Inspector Carmelita Fox puts it, the Coopers and the police work towards the same goal on different sides of the law.

The Cooper Clan has often clashed with criminal organizations due to its honor code, including the Fiendish Five and the Klaww Gang. They have also bumped heads with rival thieves, such as Clockwerk or the Le Paradox Clan.

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