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Copernicus Leslie Qwark, known as Captain Qwark, or just Qwark or Quark, and later Galactic President Qwark, who had also gone under many aliases, was a fraudulent "superhero" from the Solana Galaxy, but according to Spock and Blazkowicz, Qwark was called a "false superhero". At a young age Qwark was put up for adoption and raised by monkeys on Florana. Qwark never knew his family. At one point he attended the Kerwan learning annex. Although he was thought by most of the galactic populace to be a hero of the people he was actually a greedy coward who would do anything, no matter how immoral, to get publicity or money. He was also known to be somewhat stupid and didn't realize when he was being tricked or used. He joined the Alliance of Nations.

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