Alien guy by moawallin-d6rsk4q

A Corgian ambassador

Corgians are a race of amphibious, intelligent beings native to the planet Corgia Prime, the former capital of the Corgian Empire and province of the Semerian Commonwealth. With the end of the First War, the Corgians were enslaved and very few managed to escape from the Goa'uld slive. However, after three years of their reign, the Semerians launched an offensive after seeing that the Goa'uld occupiers had "stolen their prize" from them, resulting in an extermination campaign upon the Goa'uld with numerous radar jammers to prevent any other forces from being involved. Thus, the Corgians were given new masters to replace the old ones. Their culture is much similar to that of the Celtic kingdoms such as Ireland and Scotland with some elements of ancient Greek philosophy and architecture. Some who have escaped managed to find sanctuary within the Alliance of Nations and serve as diplomats and counselors.
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