Cornelius Augustus von Hamtinburg, also known as Father, is the tyrannical and shadowy military dictator of the Germanican Empire and the head of the People's Imperial Party of Germanicus. He is responsible for the killings of Terrans, along with a bloody revolution that led the Germanican Republic to its downfall. He was also the director of a secret experiment that transformed his children into "living weapons of Terra", along with the creation of Imperial Homunculi, the genocidal campaign against Edanians, Romani, and other minorities, and the removal of the "elite Senate".


Cornelius Augustus von Hamtinburg was born in the year 2033 on the planet New Orvina, in which it was occupied by the Western forces of the Germanican Republic during the Germanican Civil War. He was raised by Benedict Marxis Von Hamtinburg, the political founder of Technolism, and Helgoi Njorlim, a tribal Mongooseral woman ofViljord descent. At age five, he and his family had moved to Hessia, the Western capital, where they would be safe from the horrendous fighting. He was well-educated and highly active, although he had issues with theRomani and the Edanians, along with their culture. He was obsessed with his pride in his race and his nation, primarily because not only were they highly evolved, but also because they he thought of them of being a "superior race". During hsi early childhood, however, his cruel uncle, Giovanni Cassius Hamtinburg had often bullied and mocked him for his intelligence and his shyness, but his older brother, Benedict, was extremely protective towards his son. At age six, his mother died from giving birth to three sibilings: Carla Von Hamtinburg,Rudolf von Hamtinburg, and Jaegar Caesar Von Hamtinburg.

Later on, at age 15, he became a well-educated student and was physically active. His popularity in school soon risen and his hatred towards the corrupt Gernamican Senate increased. However, he was conscripted into theRepublican Army of Germanicus to fight within the Eastern front.

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