The Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) was the government of an interplanetary fiefdom, administered by a brutal and tyrannical corporatocracy, that operated in the Corporate Sector, which was located at the front end of the Tingel Arm region in the Outer Rim Territories. The government of the Corporate Sector Authority was made up of several powerful corporations. These companies were managed by a Direx Board, which was made up of 55 members, all of whom were high ranking business executives. The Direx Board was led by the ExO, or Executive Officer, and other posts included Prex (President), Viceprex, Auditor-General and the Imperial Advisor that represented the interests of the Galactic Empire. The monetary authority of the Corporate Sector was the Authority Currency Exchange. Etti IV was the administrative center for the sector as well as a major trading crossroads.[1]

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