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Atlas soldiers preparing for war in Vuy'ti Earth

The Corporation Wars, is a series of conflicts that lasted from May 7th, 3751 to April 5th, 4000 between various corporations (mostly PMCs and Corporations with a shady past) that used the chaos of the Nationalist Wars to fight their individual conflicts. It started as a simple personal hatred by Atlas Corporation CEO Jonathan Irons, who was firstly hatred against the ION PMC, and later full-scale war with Artemis Global Security, Praying Mantis, Pieuvre Armament, Raven Sword, ACME Corporation, Valor Company, SVER, Raven Industries, Cerberus, Mishima Zaibatsu, CryNet Enforcement & Local Logistics and Peace Sentinels PMCs. The war ended after Jonathan Irons death in the final battle for Vuy'ti Earth and the increasing interventions by the Federation's Military. Once the war officially ended, all the corporations that was involved in the conflict were either dismantled or Nationalized/Federalized by order of the Federation's Government (by the time the war ended, the Nationalist Wars was finally starting to winding down a bit).

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During the worst of the Nationalist Wars, quite a few corporations, ranging from PMCs, weapons development and even a few research corporations, grew to hate each other in some shape and form. It finally grew into an outright series of brutal wars between these various shady and outright corrupt corporations when the Atlas Corporation, under the orders of Jonathan Irons, began to attack their rivals, kick starting the series of wars that came to be called the Corporation Wars.

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