The Coruscant Massacre is the major conflict between the Imperialists and the Loyalists under the Vales Administration. The event took place at 9:23 AM when civilians and loyalists were protesting the rule of Vales in front of the Presidential Palace. The media was coming shortly to record the protest as it was ongoing for 3 hours straight. As much as 30,000 protesters participated in front of the lawn of the Presidential Palace. After Vladimir Makarov and Satele Shan was angered by the ongoing protesting and a brief verbal attack at the people, They ordered the army and K-9 Unit to attack the people. The army base was within 2 miles away and immediately deployed soldiers by helicopter. The soldiers opened fire and were ordered to kill all of the protesters they saw. Above, the helicopters shot civilians and launched grenades to kill off the protesters. Within 11 minutes, as much as 18,000 of the original 30,000 were killed with another 6,700 severely injured. Vales then ordered the soldiers to loot the homes of Coruscant and kill those who resisted or even showed fear. A subsequent 1,246 were killed and about $51,250,000 worth of property were looted. This was caused Satele Shan joined the Imperalist Alliance after that. shortly after the Second War ended, the Alliance found out that the Massacre was planned by the Imperialist Alliance with Vales being a member of it, the Alliance soldiers who were sent to attack the people were soldiers that later on fought for the Imperialist Alliance with no other soldiers from the other members in it what so ever.

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