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Cronal, supposedly born as Perek, was a male Human and former Prophet of the Dark Side who was better known by his code name Blackhole, the mysterious Director of Imperial Intelligence who collaborated with Darth Vader after the Great Battle of Yavin to eliminate the Alliance. Adept at divination, Cronal was recruited by the Pure Emperor from the Prophets to join the Axis. He abandoned himself to his meditations in the dark side, becoming withdrawn, physically frail, and paranoid. Considered Palpatine's "monster-maker," Cronal was responsible for the creation of several Sithspawn and other devices of Sith alchemy. As time passed, Cronal withdrew further, growing steadily more mad as the dark side consumed him.

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Lord Cronal was cunning,[4] and one of Palpatine's most powerful dark side mages.[10] But Cronal's heavy immersion in the dark side of the Force took a toll on him. Physically, the dark side ate away at Cronal, making him frail, shrunken, and dependent upon his life-support chamber. Cronal suffered mentally, too, with every vision and use of the dark side chipping away at his sanity. He became paranoid over nonexistent threats to his life, driving him further into seclusion. Cronal's tendency to mark his forces in black was another mark of his eccentricity, though it provided a tactical advantage as well.

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