CELL Soldiers

CELL Soldiers

C.E.L.L. (Crynet Enforcement & Local Logistics) is a private military company under the control and part of CryNet Systems. Government mandate and under the command of Commander Lockhart. C.E.L.L came under contract from the Alliance Joint Military and were deployed to the planet Typhon to police the evacuation in place of the military, who were currently fighting a Necromorph outbreak. C.E.L.L. operatives were assisting in the "sanitation" of infected civilians. Today, the C.E.L.L is a independant faction and a minor member of the allies. The C.E.L.L. is part of the Corporation Wars. Because of their involvement in the Corporation Wars, Multiversial Federation Federalized C.E.L.L. around August 8th, 4000 N.E.

Organization Edit

C.E.L.L. was a division under Crynet Systems, itself a major subsidiary of Hargreave-Rasch Biotechnologies.

Tara Strickland was a "special advisor" and represented Jacob Hargreave in the field. It is unclear what rank she held in the organisation, if any. She appeared to have some authority in C.E.L.L. yet her authority was not well-received by Commander Lockhart and his men. She did issue commands to C.E.L.L. personnel but with mixed results in terms of compliance; ranging from grudging acquiescence to rude dismissiveness.

Units Edit

Like all military organizations, C.E.L.L. is made up of various military units. Presently known units are listed below. They seem to have a naming scheme involving colors. Groups are organized by colors and individuals in that group have a number, i.e. "Drab Fifteen", "Azure Seven", or "Blue Eleven".

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