CyberLife is Deei'tiiki Earth's leading Kamski Type Android designer, manufacturer, and retailer. Founded by Elijah Kamski, CyberLife produces all kinds of Kamski Type Androids from domestic assistants to teachers, doctors, police officers, and even soldiers. Based in Detroit on Deei'tiiki Earth, they own the CyberLife Tower and five stores across the city and have opened a plant in Milwaukee. CyberLife's slogan is "Designed by CyberLife, built in Detroit."

Following the Kamski Type Android Civil Rights Movement, the Alliance applied the laws involving Artificial Intelligences to Kamski Type Androids and effectively declared them equal in the eyes of the law, and to ensure that the population of Deei'tiiki Earth complies with the laws, the Alliance had placed the entirety of Deei'tiiki Earth under a state of martial law that last until 2425 when the Allied Assembly believed its' no longer necessary for military rule over the planet. By that time, CyberLife has since been reformed into an entirely Kamski Type Android controlled company where it produces Kamski Types for the foreseeable future.



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