Cyber Terrans, also refered to  as Cyber Humans and Cyber Gaians (Second Human Empire: Hamo Cyii'ufui Tiee'ji) are a Human sub-species find within the Zuk'jjui Universe and rules over a massive galactic empire with Zuk'jjui Earth as it's capital. Not much is different in regards to looks between Cyber Terrans and Humans as a whole, but, Cyber Terrans are known to be particually immortals who can outlive their human counterparts as well as outlive nearly all other organic species as well.

At first, the Alliance and Cyber Terrans didn't see eye to eye, in fact, the two fought each other, however, these skimish between the two ended rather quickly due to releasation that the reason behind them are, in large part, accidents. After months, the Cyber Terrans joined the Alliance of Civilizations and have sense proven themshelves to be a strong force within the Assembly and the Joint Military. 



Society and Culture


List of Planets under it's control

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