The Cybran Nation is one of factions ​in the Qioo'lik universe, but they are one of four in Forged Alliance. They are fighting for their independence, after many years of enslavement by the Earth Forces. Cybran units are often insect-like in appearance, and known for being extremely versatile: from assault bots which can repair other units to walking destroyers. Leadership At the age of 1,048, the Cybran Nation is led by Dr. Gustaf Brackman, the founder and inventor of the symbionts. Dostya is a high-ranking military official. QAI is a program which advises and informs Dr. Brackman concerning various elements. When the Cybran nation becomes part of the Coalition, Dr. Brackman is the driving force behind the Coalition research and development, producing items such as a Seraphim Translator, a Quantum Jammer, in addition to the majority of the new units to the Cybran faction. The Cybran Nation is an Independent faction.

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