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The Cylons (Second Human Empire: Children of the Last Colonies) are a cybernetic civilization at war with the Twelve Colonies of humanity in the Biu'liniu universe, the Cylons were created by humans as robotic workers and soldiers. Although these human-form Cylons are the focus, alongside the humanoid models there are also Centurions. Much of the Cylons' technology is based heavily on bioengineering and/or synthetic biology rather than conventional robotics. Humans often derisively refer to Cylons as "toasters", due to the resemblance of Cylon centurions to "walking chrome toasters", as described by Gaius Baltar. The Cylons mostly joined the Axis of Empires, some of them are joined the Alliance of Nations.The Cylons also joined both the Imperialist Alliance and the Nationalist Alliance, as well as the entire Unknown Intellectual Mechanized Species.

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