Romulan flagship, TEI remastered

The D7 class battle cruiser was a 23rd century warship originally designed and used by the Klingon Imperial Fleet, before being shared with the Axis military during the War on the Beta Quadrant. It became obsolete once the newer K't'inga class ships produced, many D7s are fell into Civilian users, the Corporate Sector Authority and the Coalition.

Technical data Edit

Physical arrangement Edit

The D7 class was almost predatory in its appearance, with a spread-wing primary hull, long neck and head-like command pod. The early Romulan variants had a large bird-of-prey design painted on the hull, identical to what was found on the Bird-of-Prey. Other Romulan D7s had red and yellow feather-like detailing painted on the upper wing and nacelle pylon.

The bulk of the ships overall mass was incorporated in the aft section of the ship. The bridge was located on the bulbous head, which was separated from the aft section by a relatively thin neck that flared out into the wings. Jutting from below these wings were a pair of outboard warp nacelles. The ship's impulse engines were located on the caudal section of the ship.

This design had evolved from a classic design lineage dating back well into the 22nd century with the early D5 class battle cruisers. In terms of dimensions, it was comparable in size to the Federation's starship.

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