Tomeofexcess by Mathias Kollros

A Daemonette is a Lesser Daemon of Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure. Known as "Bringers of Joyous Degredation", "Harbingers of Endless Delights", and "Seekers of Decadence", Daemonettes are all these things and more. Their physical appearance is confounding. At once impossibly twisted and shamefully intriguing, the hermaphroditic form of a Daemonette is both repulsive and nearly impossible for a mortal to turn away from. In battle, Daemonettes are lithe, dextrous killers, whose claws can tear their opponents to shreds, or allure their mortal victims into their clutches. When mounted upon the disturbingly graceful Daemonic Mounts known as a Steed of Slaanesh, a Daemonette is called a Seeker of Slaanesh, who form the vanguard of the Dark Prince's legions. These lithe, sensual beasts are swift and powerful and track mortals by tasting their desires on the air.

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