The Dark Ones (Second Human Empire: Broken Children of Earth) are a species of sapient humanoid creatures, supposedly descended from humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse and adapted to the new world in Di'llol Earth. When encountered in combat situations, Dark Ones prove to be very dangerous due to their telepathic abilities. While stronger and more durable than a typical human, they are still fairly weak when compared to other mutants, capable of being taken down with five shots from a revolver, but their psychic abilities more than make up for this. Aside from their basic resemblance to humans in terms of overall shape, the outward appearance of a Dark One is quite strange. They have long, slender arms and legs, with the arms ending in large hands that have four long digits. The skin color is a dark, ashen grey. Adults have no visible mouths, but in their juvenile stage they have mouths surrounded by insect-like mouthparts.

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