Dathomirians, or Dathomiri (Second Human Empire: Children of Dathomiri or Children of Cini'yuiink), were a sentient near-Human species native to the Outer Rim world of Dathomir. The creation of the Dathomirian species was the result of hybridization between Human females and male Zabrak of Iridonia. Dathomirian females tended to have pale gray or white skin and usually blue or silvery eyes, and tall and thin bodies. Their male counterparts more closely resembled Zabrak, muscular and powerfully-built who sported skin patterns similar to Sith tattoos and cranial horns. Females tended to exhibit a certain athleticism, while males usually possessed powerful strength. All Dathomirian specimens were Force-sensitive, though this was due to the genetic Forceful component of the female Human Nightsisters that helped breed the subspecies.

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