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Lieutenant Commander David Mason (codenamed Section) is the son of CIA Agent and USMC Captain Alex Mason, a member of SEAL Team Six, and the Commander of all Alliance Strike Force missions from the U.G.A Barack Obama. He was part of the Endor War.


Early Life[]

David Mason was born in 1448 N.E to CIA Agent Alex Mason and his unidentified wife. Raised in his father's hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska, David's relationship with his father soured after the death of his mother. Due to his father's past experiences during the 1437 Nova 6 Operation, harsh upbringing, and his commitment to serve the U.S. David held a deep resentment towards his dad but did not want to lose him, which was why he made his dad promise to not go on any more missions for the military.

In 1986, Mason returned to active duty on the behalf of the CIA in rescuing Frank Woods who was taken as a P.O.W. in Angola, leaving David in the care of Jenny, Hudson wife. David tried to dissuade his father from going but Alex told David, Woods would do it for him. In 1989, Raul Menendez kidnapped David, drugged him and brought him to Panama before the arrival of Woods and Mason to capture of Manuel Noriega. Menendez mocked David about the upcoming set up, telling that in name of her deceased sister, while Menendez's moles within the CIA helped facilitate Noriega's capture and fooled both Mason and Woods into believing that they would be trading Noriega’s capture for Menendez. After Woods was tricked into shooting Mason, believing it was Menendez, the narco-terrorist killed Hudson and left both David and Woods alive. David later came out of his trance only to see his presumed dead father unresponsive. Believing his father to be dead, David started to cry while Woods attempted to comfort him only to lose consciousness from his wounds.

Guilty about presumably killing his best friend, Woods took David in and raised him. However, to spare David the pain of the circumstances of his father's death, Woods told David that it was just a "madman" who did it. When Woods was put in the Vault retirement home, he kept a lot of David's drawings.

Early Military Career[]

In 1996, David was commissioned as a officer for the military and eventually made it into the U.S. Navy SEALs. After a few years serving with the SEALs, David was integrated into the ultra-elite SEAL Team Six famous of collaborating with both of the 101st Airborne division , eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander before the Cordis Die rising. Thirty years since his last encounter with David, Menendez rose to power and planned to launch a cyber attack in an attempt to start a Second Cold War. On April 19, 2025, David became a Navy SEAL Commander, code-named 'Section', and befriends Mike Harper and Javier Salazar.



Family and Relatives[]

Alex Mason - father

Unnamed mother

Close Friends[]

Mike Harper

Javier Salazar (formerly)

Simon “Ghost” Riley