Davish krail

Davish Krail, known by his comrades as "Pops," was a veteran BTL Y-wing starfighter pilot who flew for the Alliance of Nations. He had been flying for nearly twenty years before joining the Alliance, and served at the organization's base on Dantooine alongside his old friend Garven Dreis. He was given command of a Y-wing squadron at some stage, but eventually served under Jon Vander in Gold Squadron. During the Great Aerial Battle of Tordas, Krail was amongst the pilots sent by Henry Landry to destroy the Axis Giga-Airfield. He accompanied Vander and Tiree in the first attack on the giga-airfield, but during the bombing run, his allies were gunned down by Cassian Su-37 ace pilot, Artemis Zin. Aborting his run, Krail too was shot down by Zin, but not before alerting Roy Fokker to the threat.

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