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Greater German Empire forces fled from the shattered city of New Berlin in the Qui'uki Universe

"The Day the Multiverse Burned" also referred to as "The Great Betrayal", "The Day of Ruin" and "The Day of Destruction" is the resulting conflict that occurred when the Combines and Chimeras (apart of the Combine-Chimeran Alliance) betrayed the Axis and attacked the Multiverse at large, even if a civilization wasn't directly involved in the war, in a large stale assault that killed trillions across the Multiverse, if it wasn't for the direct military intervention of the Third Human Republic, many historians believed that the Multiverse would haven been conquered in a five month period with the Alliance, Axis and Coalition annexed by the Combines and Chimeras. This conflict help lead to the equally as devastating Wars of the Axis alongside the Great Battle of Endor.

History Edit

This nightmarish event, this widespread death, destruction and general chaos, caused many to fear for the future. At first, the Combine-Chimeran Alliance was winning the war, slaughtering anyone who gets in their way. But the tide turned when the Third Human Republic started to directly intervene, militarily, allowing the Alliance to lick their wounds and laugh their invasion of Combine and Chimeran space, to finally put an end to the gruesome First Multiverse War.

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Combine-Chimeran Alliance (the Empire of the Combine Race and the Chimeran Empire) Edit

Alliance of Nations Edit

Coalition of Independent States (Allied to the Alliance during this event) Edit

Former Axis (Allied/Joined the Alliance during this event) Edit

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Various formerly Independent Factions (Allied/Joined the Alliance/Coalition during this event) Edit

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