De'ijikki Earth as of 4952 NE

De'ijkki Earth, also known as Dead Earth and formally as Ground Zero and the Black Zone, was the homeworld of the Prototypes, Alex Mercer, James Heller and William Jager. In August of 1404, the Empire of the Combine Race conquered the planet and established a mixture of colonial rule and a Research colony (the Combines began to research the Redlight and Blacklight Viruses), the planet faded away from the Multiversial spotlight until the War for Seattle when the UC effectively disbanded Blackwatch (although remnants of it still remained) which resulted in the planet's outbreak that overwhelmed the planet's government and it's population, becoming infect with the Blacklight Virus. Following William Jager's death and the end of the Infection War, the Multiversial Federation ordered an exterminatus to wipe out any remnant of the Virus, this, effectively created the state this planet's in a devastated, ruined and now volcanic Earth with molting magma covering the world. This is also the site of the infamous Mission to De'ijkki Earth.

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