Deei'tiiki Earth, nicknamed Home of the Blue Blooded Androids, is a version of Earth discovered by the Alliance in 2417 and was then absorbed into the Alliance of Civilizations soon thereafter. Since 2402, the planets economy has been dominated by human-like machines called Androids, dubbed Kamski-type Androids, revolutionizing the planets' economy, military, and society, but at the same time creating massive unemployment across various nations with the Deei'tiiki United States having an unemployment as high as 32%, most of these Androids being provided by CyberLife. Over the coming year, a Civil Rights Movement would occur with the intentional, and most influential parts of the movement occurring in early November of 2418, which in turn caused the planet to be placed under a state of martial law in order to keep the peace and ensure that the newly liberation Androids retain their rights afforded to them by the Sentient Equality Act of 1923, with Androids falling under such on November 9th, a day before the famous Hart Plaza Demonstration

While tensions still remain between Androids and Humans, by the time of the Federation, the two groups have largely gotten along, however, bigotry towards the TransRace remains a problem.

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List of Sentient Species on Deei'tiiki Earth Edit

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  • Humans
  • Kamski-Type Androids

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  • TransRace
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