Deei'tiiki Earth State of Martial Law, also referred to as Military Rule over Deei'tiiki Earth and the Alliance Occupation of Deei'tiiki Earth, was a seven-year-long state of affairs on Deei'tiiki Earth following the Hart Plaza Demonstration which, in turn, led to the Allied Assembly to declare a state of martial law over the planet to ensure that the Kamski Type Androids get their equal rights and protections. This event is notable polarizing for both Humans and Androids alike, with both groups having those that believed having Allied military rule over the planet is the best way to ensure Androids get their rights while others believe that the harsh, though fair, rule of the Joint Military is causing more harm than good. From 2418 to 2425, the Joint Military would effectively govern the planet until they believed that Androids won't be harassed and persecuted. And after seven years, the Joint military would leave the planet entirely, but not without creating a unified planetary government, ensuring that the process that the Joint Military ensured occurred does not regress.

History[edit | edit source]

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